Welcome to the Nightmare Fair

Here you may explore the fantastical
stories of a bygone era.

What was the Nightmare Fair?

The Nightmare Fairs were an annual presentation of the wondrous and fantastical that took place throughout the 1800’s. The myriad fairgoers included witches, fairies, monsters, and other things too terrible to name. Please review this archive kept by the Nightmare Fair Archival Committee to learn more about this amazing period of our world’s history.

About the Nightmare Fair

Learn more about this annual event, its founding, and its role in shaping an amazing era of our world’s history. read more…

Photo Archives

Flip through any of the amazing and varied photo archives showcasing the various characters and locales of the Nightmare Fair. read more…

Famous Figures

View profiles on some of the more notable figures of the Nightmare Fair for insight into their individual histories. read more…

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