Name: Cassandra Blythe
Race: Human
Occupation: Mech Pilot/Weight Lifter

Cassandra Blythe, AKA “Kassandra”, was an imposing physical presence at the Nightmare Fairs and beyond. She funded the creation and development of multiple powerful Mechs using her personal fortune, and was often called upon in times of great need.

"It is not enough to be a champion. One must become a legend."

muscular woman in leather armor flexing


Cassandra Blythe, later known simply as “Kassandra,” emerged as a figure of extraordinary prowess from her early years. Noted for her exceptional performance in contests of speed, strength, and endurance, she quickly garnered attention for her ambition. “It is not enough to be a champion. One must become a legend,” she famously declared, encapsulating her unwavering determination.

Fuelled by her ambition, Kassandra utilized her substantial winnings to assemble a team of experts in robotics and armaments. Together, they embarked on a mission to realize her grand vision. Their efforts culminated in the creation of her first suit of mech-armor, marking the genesis of her transformation into a formidable force.

As she adopted the moniker “Kassandra,” shedding her previous identity, her endeavors grew increasingly audacious. Equipped with pioneering mech-suits, she embarked on daring exploits, grappling and subduing legendary adversaries like the God-bear of the Wasteland. Over time, her designs became more intricate, evolving into towering behemoths that surpassed conventional armor.

The colossal machines, piloted by Kassandra herself, became symbols of her indomitable spirit. In her relentless pursuit of legendary status, she stood at the forefront of innovation, crafting titans that reshaped the landscape of warfare. Notably, she defended the Nightmare Fair of 1877 from a rogue lava monster using one of her towering creations, solidifying her legacy as a protector of the realm.

Tales abound of her valiant exploits, from fending off towering behemoths that threatened to devour entire cities to thwarting ancient monstrosities awakened from their slumber. Her towering constructs became synonymous with salvation, their thunderous footsteps echoing defiance against the forces of darkness.

With each encounter, she demonstrated her unparalleled mastery over her towering mech suits, wielding their immense power with finesse and precision. Her vanquished foes include such creatures as:

  • Chromeskull MacArthur
  • Hartigan’s Brain
  • The Roboking of the Wasteland
  • Cyjax the Scissorman
  • Colton the Moving Tower

Despite her eccentricities and intense demeanor, Kassandra’s legacy endures as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring individuals, embodying the boundless potential of passion and determination.

towering mech robot

Steelfist 4000, one of Kassandra’s finest mechs