Professor Sorcerer

Name: Silas Ashcroft
Race: Human
Occupation: Magician / Ne’er-do-well

Silas Ashcroft, though originally trained as a wheelwright, was unable via unknown patronage to dedicate himself to the study of magic and sorcery. Over the years he was a great nuisance to the Nightmare Fair, with misdeeds such as flooding the entire city.

"Nobody ever said magic was nice."

Silas Ashcroft AKA Professor Sorcerer

Silas Ashcroft, who was raised in a small village, was originally trained by his father for the family’s longtime wheelwright business. However he attracted the attention of a traveling magician who gave him a passing familiarity with the ways of magic, and it became his lifelong passion.

In his later youth, Ashcroft was able to fully dedicate himself to this practice. However instead of the typical educational path, he sought the knowledge of the Chaos Mages. Soon he was dabbling in outlawed conjurations, gaining an audience with spirits from the nether-realms, wild and foul.

He first arrived at the Nightmare Fair quite changed in stature and disposition from prior to his studies. His hair and eyes were those of a wildman, and he began to go by the nickname “Professor Sorcerer.” One could often hear him giggling as he roved the streets like a mad pixie, spreading his unbound magic like confetti.

He was often responsible for errant acts of mischievous magic, such as turning the wheels of a carriage into cubes, casting frost spells at touring visitors of the Flamelands, and releasing rogue leprechauns into the middle of sacred religious ceremonies.

Unbeknownst to the populace, his true intentions were more insidious than simply general mischief. In the secret hours of the night he had been working fastidiously to engineer a pact with the ancient god Poseidon. This pact interrupted the Nightmare Fair to a level never before seen, as the opening ceremonies of that year’s fair were interrupted by a great and terrible storm which appeared in the sky.

Fairgoers sought shelter as the streets were flooded in a rushing torrent of water. Though the Finnyfolk did not particularly mind, the rest of the crowd was greatly inconvenienced by the tremendous flood.

Ashcroft floated through the city, hovering over the water as he cackled with glee, taking credit for the disaster as a show of his great skill. The level of disruption was so great that it led to the unprecedented cancellation of that year’s fair. Certain parties received this news with an immense level of frustration.

The Spike Witch, in vengeance, used her vast magicks to rework the nature of the contract between Ashcroft and Poseidon. Compelled by a powerful will beyond his own, Professor Sorcerer was soon after seen walking into the ocean until his hair disappeared beneath the water. He was never again seen at the Nightmare Fairs.

Many years later, Ashcroft returned to run a successful campaign for the presidency.

Ashcroft cackling and floating above the flooded streets of the city