The Snake Witch

Name: Obaki Hebihime
Race: Human
Occupation: Witch

Lady Obaki Hebihime, commonly known as the Snake Witch, typically resided deep within the forests of Genzai. There she perfected the art of what she called “venom magic”. She is considered by many to be perhaps the most insidious Witch to ever live.

"I have known many good witches and bad witches, but by the grace of God, there was only one Snake Witch."

The Snake Witch

Lady Obaki Hebihime, commonly known as the Snake Witch, remains even today a mysterious and intimidating figure.

It is believed she was born in a small forest village on the outskirts of Genzai, though records are often contradictory. At some point in her early life, she abandoned her village and took to the wilds. Here she committed her soul and body to the foul practice of venom magic.

Researchers have found journals among her effects which make reference to an astral journey she took during this period. She makes reference to having “communed with the serpent that grips the galaxy”, and to being “its only true consort on a world of meat.”

What is undeniable is that whatever she encountered, it altered her permanently. She emerged from the forest with her power greatly enhanced. A short time after that she took to toying with the flesh of the weak and unprotected.

Perhaps in honor of her cosmic patron, she would transform men’s hair into a bundle of snakes, cackling with glee at their horror at being strangled to death by their own bodies.

No bastion of civilization was spared from the wrath of the Snake Witch, as she unleashed her unholy fury upon any city left vulnerable by the absence of the emperor’s vigilant mages. With a mere utterance of her arcane incantations, she summoned forth colossal serpentine behemoths, monstrous entities wrought from the very fabric of nightmare, to wreak havoc upon unsuspecting population centers. The devastation wrought by her summoned monstrosities left indelible scars upon the land, reducing thriving metropolises to smoldering ruins in the blink of an eye.

For those unfortunate enough to fall within her clutches, mercy was a fleeting illusion, as Lady Obaki Hebihime reveled in subjecting her victims to unspeakable horrors. While some met their end swiftly at the fangs of her summoned beasts, others were subjected to prolonged suffering, becoming unwitting subjects in her depraved experiments. Bound by the shackles of her dark sorcery, they served as fodder for her twisted machinations, enduring excruciating torments as she pushed the boundaries of her power over flesh and spirit alike.

The psychological scars inflicted by the Snake Witch’s reign of terror extended far beyond the physical realm, as survivors found themselves haunted by the spectral echoes of her sinister hissing incantations. Even in death, her malevolent influence continued to linger, casting a shadow of fear and apprehension upon those who dared to speak her name.

The Snake Witch in her venom pool