The Spike Witch

Name: Ragatha Carbonell
Race: Human
Occupation: Witch

Perhaps the most well-known denizen of the Nightmare Fair, the Spike Witch has come to serve as its unofficial mascot. A self-described master of the joints of connection between all matter and energy, the Spike Witch had a major influence on events within the fair time and time again. It is not at all an exaggeration to say that without her presence, the Nightmare Fairs may never have been what they were.

"As bold a witch as ever there was."

Ragatha Carbonell, AKA The Spike Witch

Ragatha Carbonell (b. unknown), widely recognized as the Spike Witch, emerges as an iconic figure of the Nightmare Fair era, embodying a blend of mystique and charismatic prowess that captivated the collective imagination of her time. Although debates persist regarding her status as the most formidable practitioner of the occult arts among the Witches, her unparalleled charisma undoubtedly elevated her to a position of prominence within the supernatural community.

While details of her early life remain shrouded in mystery, it is widely acknowledged that Ragatha Carbonell delved deeply into what she termed “the pointed magicks.” This enigmatic discipline, characterized by its focus on the intricate intersections between matter and energy, served as the cornerstone of her formidable powers.

Of particular note is her celebrated rift with none other than Santa Claus himself—a seemingly trivial event in her narrative, yet one that has garnered significant attention from scholars and enthusiasts alike. Despite this apparent discord, Carbonell’s journey as a practitioner of the occult remained largely solitary, as she charted her own unique path through the labyrinthine corridors of arcane knowledge.

Famed for her ability to wield immense power with effortless grace, Carbonell often found herself thrust into the role of savior during times of peril, earning her the adoration and reverence of her peers and admirers. Notably, she single-handedly repelled the nefarious onslaught of the dreaded Wraith King (Whom she would later marry, for a time)—a feat that stands as a testament to her indomitable spirit and unparalleled skill.

Intriguingly, despite her formidable reputation, Carbonell maintained close ties with the enigmatic Master of Ceremonies, Victor Pomeroy, who regarded her as both a trusted confidante and cherished ally. However, the emergence of a cult devoted to her worship—the so-called Spike Church—served as a source of mild annoyance rather than genuine adulation, with Carbonell often expressing frustration at their fervent devotion, referring to them as “quite the bugbear for me”.

In reflection, it becomes abundantly clear that the influence of the Spike Witch transcended mere legend, leaving an indelible mark on the fabric of the Nightmare Fair. Indeed, it is through her unparalleled contributions that the fairs attained their unparalleled grandeur and mystique—a legacy for which she is rightfully celebrated and revered.


Further Reading on the Spike Witch

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The Spike Witch, mid-casting